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Terms & Conditions of Enrolment & Attendance

1.  The School shall have absolute discretion as to the Pupils to be admitted and their appropriate class(es).


1.1  The length of term is twelve weeks. The School reserves the right to alter/amend term lengths/dates as necessary.



2. All fees are due according to the current scale of fees which will be subject to revision upon a termly basis. Fees cover the cost of tuition as specified by the current scale of fees. Dancewear, shoes, equipment and costumes etc provided by the School at the request of the Parent will be charged for accordingly.


2.2  There is a one-off enrolment fee upon joining the School. This is payable after the trial period upon registration.


2.3  All fees are payable in accordance with the current scale of fees.


2.4 Fees are payable per half term or by direct debit. Fees are due on week 1, and must be paid by week 2.


2.5  Fees that are paid after week 2 of the half term are charged at the usual rate + £5.00.


2.6  Fees that remaining outstanding at Week 4 and require a reminder may incur a further 10% surcharge, and for each subsequent reminder. Children in this situation may be asked to observe classes rather than take part until outstanding fees are paid.


2.7  We are unable to accept payment by cheque.


2.8  The School reserves the right to refuse entry to any child if fees have not been paid in accordance with these conditions.


2.9  Fees are not refundable in the event of absence due to illness or holidays etc, unexplained absence or closure due to bad or extreme weather, natural event or external emergency.


2.10  Any special circumstances or dispensation by the School of these terms shall not constitute an alteration to the terms and conditions or waive the right of the School to apply these terms.




3. The School timetable is subject to change from term to term. As much notice as possible will be given when this occurs.


3.1 Discounts are applied at the discretion of the School and are subject to change from term to term. The School reserves the right to select which discount should apply and may limit discounts to one per pupil/family.


3.2 It may be necessary to alter the venue of classes on occasion or permanently. As much notice as possible will be given when this occurs. The School can accept no liabilities occurring as a result of this.




4. Students at the School are expected to take part in our shows/performances and there may be expenses for costumes that parents contribute to. As much notice as possible will be given when this occurs, and we are always fundraising and seeking further funding to keep these costs as low as possible. If costume costs are not paid in accordance with this, fees will be adjusted accordingly.


5. These terms and conditions may be amended by the School and after reasonable notice to the parent shall apply as amended during the remaining period for the Pupil who attends the School.


6. Notice to leave the School: Parents are required to give one half term’s notice (or fees in lieu of notice) of their intention to withdraw the Pupil from classes. If fees are paid by Direct Debit this is reduced to one month notice or fees in lieu.


6.1 The School reserves the right to remove and/or exclude any child whose behaviour is unruly, offensive or in any way contradicts the standards governing the conduct that can reasonably be expected at a Dance/Stage School.




7. Drinks, sweets, gum etc are not permitted during class times, except bottled water/still drinks.


7.1 The School can accept no liability for lost, damaged or stolen items, please keep valuables safe at all times.


7.2 Students who misbehave will be excluded from class at the teacher’s discretion. Parents will be notified of significant misbehaviour.


7.3 Students and parents are not permitted into the teaching studio until their class time.


7.4 Lost property will be kept for a reasonable period of time and then disposed of appropriately, where possible it will be donated to a local charity.



8. Parents will keep contact details (address, phone, email) up to date with our office and notify us if the Pupil is to be picked up by individuals other than the parent or those listed on the enrolment form.


8.1 Parents will keep the office advised of any medical or physical conditions that we should be aware of to safely conduct classes that feature levels of physical exertion that can reasonably be expected at a Dance/Stage School.


8.2 Parents will advise the office of any exposure to infectious illness and the School reserves the right to refuse entry in this event.



9. In the event of an emergency, epidemic, extreme weather or natural disaster that results in or requires the School’s temporary closure or cancellation of classes that is either beyond the control of the School or deemed necessary and precautionary by the School for the safety of its students and staff, no refund can be given. The School will endeavour (but cannot guarantee) to contacts parents in advance in this event.



10. With the exception of trial classes, students are expected to wear the designated Theatre Street dance uniform for their class. Information on the correct attire can be obtained from the office.


10.1 Dancewear and related goods purchased through the School will only be returnable at the discretion of the School and if in satisfactory condition. The School reserves the right to refuse to accept returned goods, in accordance with the agreement made at the time of order. No orders can be made until goods are paid for in full. Goods in stock remain the property of the School until paid in full.


10.2 In the event of complaints or concerns from parents, these should be addressed in writing to the School Principal.




Terms/Cons: Jan 2018 TSPA