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Applying to TSPA

You can apply at any time to join TSPA and as soon as the next intake occurs we will let you know, we aim not to have you waiting for long.


We inform parents who have applied about the availability of places during the weeks leading up to the opening of spaces. Many of our children stay with us a very long time, and we limit the number of spaces at TSPA so we can maintain the quality and standards that our families have come to expect from us. However for various reasons as children grow and climb through grades etc, new places in classes become available regularly.


If you would like your child or children to join us, simply fill in the Application Form and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your needs and what it is you are looking for and so we can answer your questions. We sometimes arrange a meeting with our Principal or Deputy Principal to discuss the best options for your children, and then we aim to find you a space in the right class(es) as quickly as we can.


Please note, filling in this application form is not a commitment to accept a place or make any payment to TSPA - it simply starts the application process. Nor is it a guarantee of a place in any of our classes.


If you are successful in gaining a place, once you have joined our students are able to try new classes free of charge so they can get a real taste of the variety of dance and drama etc on offer at TSPA.


When you join, you will be asked to pay for the first month of your chosen class in advance. This payment is refundable if you decide during that first month that you do not wish to keep the place offered to you. In this event, we will refund your payment and release the space to the next student on the waiting list. 


All fees are payable by monthly direct debit which is collected over twelve months.

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