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What do you want for your children?

Everybody knows that a physically active child is healthier and happier - but not everyone does something about it.


We know that children LOVE dance, drama and singing.

So it's simple: If a child loves the physical activity they are doing, they will want to keep doing it.


If we could offer you an alternative to your child watching too much TV, playing XBox, spending too much time on phones and social media etc and offer them something creative, stimulating, social and fun instead, wouldn't you jump at that chance?


That is EXACTLY what Theatre Street Performing Arts is offering you, right here right now.

Our programmes of dance and musical theatre classes for children and teens will give you guaranteed results...

Our pledge to you is that what we deliver will always aim to be:

The fact is, if you are here at our website, you are already on the way to doing a wonderful thing for your child. Whatever this government says about the arts and culture, we all know that creativity, expression and confidence are vital for the development of a child, whether they are 4, 12 or approaching adulthood. No amount of hours behind a desk can provide the joy, appreciation, richness and variety that sustained exposure to arts, music, culture, dance and drama can deliver, and it is undeniable how creativity contributes to a child's education and development at all ages.  


TSPA gives you the peace of mind that the free time you gain from sending your child or children to our classes can be enjoyed guilt free, knowing that you are providing them with something that will benefit them for a lifetime, regardless of whether they go on to pursue a career in the arts.


We are dedicated to nurturing talent and providing opportunities to young people, but in all cases the confidence that dance, drama and music gives a child will last a lifetime and benefit them whatever they go on to do.

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Joining TSPA couldn't be easier, and if you enrol now for September 2018, you can save money with several LIMITED TIME special offers!


Just follow these three easy stages and discover what TSPA can offer your family:


1) Fill in our simple and quick form here...

2) We will be in touch to learn about your children and to arrange your visit...

3) Bring them to TSPA and see the results for yourself.


Although most of our classes have a waiting list, if you respond today we can GUARANTEE you a place for September 2018.

  • Creative

  • Physically active

  • Social

  • Confidence building

  • Safe & welcoming

  • Developing skills & talent

The show was fantastic, such amazing talent from all. Your staff are so dedicated and it makes me so proud to have my daughter be a part of that xx  

Donna, customer for 3 years

They all did so well! The show was a pleasure to watch and great experience for them all. Thank you. Looking forward to the next show already!x  

Michelle, customer for 4 years