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Grades & Examinations

Theatre Street is a registered BTDA school, which is accredited by the Council for Dance Education & Training. Our students are eligible to take part in graded exams which are assessed by an external examiner, usually we have exam days a few times a year. We have a 100% pass rate in all disciplines, since our first exams in 2003.


Some are closed examinations taken just with the examiner, while some are performanced based and these we have an audience for. We will communicate with you when we are suggesting your child is ready to enter an exam. None of our exams are compulsory, but sometimes the ability to move ahead or up to another classs may rely on proceeding through grades.


Entry is based on ability and readiness, and not always on age. Exams take place at the Performing Arts Centre, usually on a weekend or in half term, two or three times a year.


A list of our examination fees can be found here.


To enter your child into our BTDA examinations, you MUST be registered with the association.


Click this link to register your child - it will only take a few minutes.