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GDPR - How we handle your data

TSPA is dedicated to being compliant with the new GDPR Data Protection law from March 25th 2018.


We take your information very seriously and treat it carefully, and we do not store any information that we do not need for the expected purposes of administering a dance/theatre school. We use a dedicated club membership service called Membermeister and a direct debit facility called GoCardless - both have their own rigorous data protection policies and procedures.


TSPA acknowledges that your information is your property and that you have the right to know what information our organisation holds about you. Please contact us at any time if you have any concerns or would like to discuss this further and we will be happy to help.


The key aspects of our Data Protection & GDPR policy are below. You can download the full document of TSPA policies here.



Theatre Street Performing Arts Ltd - GDPR policy overview



1. No data will be stored unless for the sole purpose of administering the expected business of a dance/theatre school an/or Performing Arts Centre.


2. Your contact information will be stored within our secure Membermeister account and will never be shared with any third party, including Membermeister itself, beyond that which is necessary to administer our programmes. We also use a direct debit service called GoCardless. You can read about GoCardless' GDPR compliance here.


3. Any paper records will be stored in a locked filing cabinet in a locked office on our premises. In the event that you leave TSPA and no longer do business with us, this information will be shredded upon your request or stored in an equally secure fashion until such time as you resume your custom with us.


4. It is necessary for a responsible dance/thetare school to store certain information about our clients' health and medical history, but only where this pertains to us being able to provide a comprehensive service and for the safety of our users. For example, it is necessary to tell our tutors when a child student has asthma or diabetes etc. If you have any concerns about any medical information we may hold about you or your family, please discuss this with us.


5. We usually request a third party contact for emergencies. This is so we can contact someone to assist us in the event of your child being ill, injured and so on if we are unable to contact you. We intend to continue this policy for the well-being of our students. If you have any concerns about this please discuss it with us. By sharing third party contact information (usually in the form of a name and mobile number), TSPA assumes that you have permission from the individuals to do so and they are willing to share this information with us for the well-being of your child. This data is treated and stored as sensitively as your data.