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Dance Classes for Children

Stage School

For Teens

Elite Competition Teams

After school each day during the week, we offer an array of dance classes.


Disciplines taught are:


  • Melody Bear

  • Ballet

  • Jazz

  • Streetdance

  • Tap

  • Lyrical

  • Acro


You can sign up for your first month with a money-back guarantee, so your child can get a taste of what is involved without any financial risk. Many classes have a waiting list but we will always try to welcome new students at the start of each half-term.


We are a registered BTDA school and exams can be taken in most dance styles.

Our Saturday stage schools comprise dance, drama and singing, concentrating on musical theatre at its core.


There are six groups of varying ages: three junior groups at 9.00-11.15am session; three groups in our 11.30am-2.30pm session.


Supervised by experienced team of specialist tutors, your children will have a fantastic time and make new friends. This activity is a great confidence builder for children and teens and will help the students develop a range of skills and experiences.


Stage Stars and Stage School sometimes present in-house performances for friends and family to come and watch.

Finding positive, healthy and exciting activities for teenagers isn't always easy.


We can offer Streetdance and Acro, plus Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, plus Saturday Musical Theatre Academy has a group for 13+, so whatever their taste and level of experience, we should be able to find something that will appeal to them.


For experienced dancers we offer high level classes with very high standards, in ballet, street, lyrical and acro etc. Feel free to contact us to discuss your daughter or son's needs and interests.

Our Elite Competition Teams give the strongest dancers and performers in the school the opportunity to compete at a very high level at national events in the UK throughout the year.


The teams train on a weekly basis together and work with top level choreographers to create their routines. Our teams have won multiple awards at major UK competitions including Starpower, Ultimate Victory, Destination Dance and So You Want To Dance.


Entry is by audition only, once a year.


Contact us for more information on how to join.




Singing is an important part of our Saturday Stage School and junior Stage Stars programme, where our students take classes in all three disciplines: singing, drama and dance.


Please see info above about Stage School for more information about singing at TSPA.

Gymnastic skills are becoming increasingly important and popular in the dance world. Our Acro classes are taught by specialist guest practitioners who once a week teach for us three different goups ranging from age 4 up to 16, developing the very special and exciting skills of floor gymnastics.


This involves tumbling and tricks and key moves that require practise and patience but are great fun to master and demonstrate, and add a whole new layer to a dancer's ability to interpret complex choreography.


Contact us if you would like to learn more about Acro or arrange your child's first session.

Classical ballet is the core of all dance, and TSPA prides itself on high standards across the dance syllabus, rooted in our passion for ballet.


Our ballet classes begin with First Ballet classes and Rose Ballet, then up through the grades from Prep to Primary  through to high advanced grades for older teens.


We are a registered BTDA school (which is accredited by the Council for Dance Education & Training) and we have a 100% pass rate in all exams in all dance and performing disciplines for more than 15 years.


Our 2017 centre score from the BTDA was 100%, and has never fallen below 98%.


If you are looking to develop your child's talent in ballet - or in any aspect of dance - we can offer you the highest standards of tuition within a safe, caring and welcoming atmosphere.



We aim to give our children as many performance opportunities as possible, either in our shows at our theatre at The Link or by helping them get work in professional productions.


We have seen our children perform in the West End in Matilda, Billy Elliot, Harry Potter, The Sound of Music, Shrek, Oliver! and on TV in commercials and programmes, and even some major feature films.


The confidnce that comes from learning performing arts will last a lifetime, so whether your child is dying to get up on that stage, or whether you just want them to start to feel a little more confident when communicating, we are determined that the work we do will be exactly what you are looking for, and what your sons and daughters will get the most from.

Classes at TSPA

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