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Coming Soon - the TSPA Cafe

Over the coming months, as part of our expansion plans for the Centre for the Performing Arts, we will be getting ready to open our Cafe, upstairs in the new part of the Centre.


The Cafe will be open every evening during dance classes so that our parents will have somewhere comfortable to spend their time while waiting for the children, and the children will have a nice place to be while they are not dancing and between classes etc.


We will be serving tea, coffee and snacks at reasonable prices, in a comfy and friendly atmosphere. This is all part of our plans to make your visit to TSPA as pleasant as possible and to give you an enjoyable experience while your children are dancing.


The exact date of the Cafe opening has not yet been finalised, but we want all of our families to know that this is happening so please help us spread the word so that when we open, our mums and dads are aware of this exciting new aspect of our venue.

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