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What does it mean to be a part of TSPA?


Whether you have just joined, are hoping to join or have been with us for years,

being a part of TSPA is about four key things...



We celebrate talent at TSPA - it is our mission to nurture and support children who demonstrate ability in performing arts. Our teachers are dedicated professionals who will help your children reach their potential, whether that's in drama, ballet, tap, streetdance and so on. We believe that every child has talent in some shape or form and it is the duty of the grown-ups in their lives to help them find out what they love and what they are good at - a productive, happy life can then follow. If you think your child has an aptitude for drama, dance or music, talk to us about how we can help.


Visit our Meet The Team page to read about our incredible faculty at TSPA.



There is no substitute for the confidence that Performing Arts can give a child... One of our primary aims is to help your children develop confidence that will last them a lifetime, whatever they go on to do. We have had children with us who would barely speak or join in on their first day, who now perform in front of hundreds of people and are ready to face the world.


No matter what this government says, the arts are a fundamental part of shaping a young person's growth, and confidence is one of the main reasons why. We can play a key role in supporting your child develop confidence - if this is an area of support that you are searchng for, talk to us about how we can play that role.



We know that you parents need some free time, and that is something we will give you, all the while knowing that you are giving your children an amazing time. We will keep them physically active, being social and learning new skills, while you relax in our coffee shop chatting with other TSPA parents, or take a walk, visit the gym, do the housework... or just catch up on Netflix guilt-free!


Whatever you need, the time your children spend with TSPA is time you know is yours again, comfortable in the knowledge that they are in a safe, caring and fun place being stimulated, physically active, sociable and creative.



Our children are able to take part in a multitude of classes, performances, exams, experiences on a weekly basis. Whether it's ballet, jazz, acro, street, drama, singing or more, our team of skilled professionals will teach our children how to reach their potential, whatever their level and whether they have ambitions to perform professionally or just love it for fun.


Our children develop new skills, gain experience and learn from experts.





Read more about Our Story here.

The show was fantastic, such amazing talent from all. Your staff are so dedicated and it makes me so proud to have my daughter be a part of that xx  

Donna, customer for 5 years

I really want to say thank you for the 13 years you have given my daughter - she has enjoyed every bit of it. It helped make her the confident girl she is.

Dee, customer for 13 years

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